Graylan Stewart/Wholesaling Real Estate Course - Deep Dive

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Wholesaling Real Estate Course - Deep Dive

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In this Wholesaling Real Estate Course, I will walk you through the entire process of Wholesaling from start to finish. I'll teach you the marketing, acquisitions, transaction coordinating, dispositions, reviewing docs, and more! I'll give you action steps along the way as well as all of the paperwork you will need. This will truly be a deep dive into EVERYTHING you need to succeed!


Intro & Mindset

This is a quick overview of who I am, the importance of mindset and what to expect throughout this course. I will show you exactly how to wholesale houses effectively and give you action steps along the way, to make sure you can start making money as quickly as possible!
Intro and
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Understanding Wholesaling In Detail
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        There are literally hundreds of different Tools/Systems/Softwares out there, available for wholesalers and investors, but in this lesson, I'll share with you the bare minimum you need to get started, as well as a few optional tools you may want to consider.
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          ACTION STEPS

            Marketing For Motivated Sellers

            Marketing is the life blood of any business. Without consistent marketing, you're business will fail, period. In this section, we will cover the importance of consistency, the different types of marketing, how, where and which lists you should get. I'll also show you how to set up tracking for your leads and what to use to do so.
            Marketing for Motivated
            • 2 mins
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            Lists and Marketing Channels.pdf
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            How To Pull Absentee owner List on Listsource.mp4
            • 12 mins
            • 81.1 MB
            How To Pull A Vacant List On Propstream.mp4
            • 12 mins
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            Cold Calling Script.pdf
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            Blank Skip Trace.xlsx
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            Making FSBO Offers.pdf
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            SAMPLE CRAIGSLIST AD .docx
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            Wholesale Real Estate Tracking Sheet (1).xlsx
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              ACTIONS STEPS


                We will go over the seller script and and talk about how to handle incoming leads and where those leads should go. You will learn all of the necessary formulas, like ARV and MAO and how to comp properties correctly. We will also go over the importance of follow up and show you exactly how to fill out a Purchase & Sale Agreement.
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                What’s An ARV.mp4
                • 10 mins
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                How to Comp a Property Using Zillow and Redfin.mp4
                • 24 mins
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                How to comp properties and find an ARV using Zillow.mp4
                • 16 mins
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                How To Analyze A Deal For
                • 13 mins
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                Propstream - How to Analyze a Deal in Less Than 2 Minutes!.mp4
                • 11 mins
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                How To Talk To
                • 11 mins
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                CRM and Follow
                • 3 mins
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                Motivated Seller Script - CRM alternative.pdf
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                4 Pillars of Prequalifying.pdf
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                Overcoming Objections.pdf
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                How To Fill Out A Purchase Contract.mp4
                • 8 mins
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                Blank Purchase agreement.docx
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                  ACTION STEPS!

                    Transaction Coordination

                    This section is literally the glue that will hold your entire deal together. I'll teach you how to get boots on the ground, how to find the RIGHT, investor friendly title company, and also, what to do and when and why. I'll teach you how to read an ALTA statement as well as a HUD or Settlement statement. I'll also show you how to make sure you have a paper trail for everything along the process.
                    • 4 mins
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                    How To Find Boots On The
                    • 11 mins
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                    Hire Boots On Ground - Runner.docx
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                    How to take pictures and videos.pdf
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                    How To Fill Out An Affidavit Of Equitable Interest.mp4
                    • 3 mins
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                    Affidavit of Equitable Interest.docx
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                      ACTION STEPS

                        Marketing For Buyers

                        Marketing for buyers is just as important as marketing for sellers. In this section, I'll show you exactly how and where to find buyers and the best ways of marketing to them.
                        Cash Buyers Letter.pdf
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                        Email Ad Copy.pdf
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                        Marketing for
                        • 8 mins
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                          ACTION STEPS


                            In this section, I'll teach you how to vet buyers to make sure they aren't just wasting your time as well as the importance of building relationships with your vetted buyers.  I'll show you exactly how to fill out an Assignment Contract and Double Closing Contract as well.
                            Dispositions Best
                            • 9 mins
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                            How To Fill Out An Assignment Contract.mp4
                            • 6 mins
                            • 44.8 MB
                            Assignment Agreement.docx
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                            How To Fill Out A Double Close Contract.mp4
                            • 5 mins
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                            Purchase and Sale Agreement - Double Close.docx
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                              ACTION STEPS


                                This section is vital because most wholesalers end up loosing money if they don't know exactly what they are doing! I'll teach you how to reverse out the numbers on a HUD to make sure you are getting the correct assignment fee that you deserve!
                                How to Review an ALTA & HUD.mp4
                                • 8 mins
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                                  ACTION STEPS

                                    Other Helpful Docs

                                    Besides the basic documents, there will be other documents that you might need along the way, so I'm including all of those in this section.
                                    Other Helpful
                                    • 1 min
                                    • 26.1 MB
                                    Addendum - Editable.docx
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                                    AGREEMENT TO VACATE TEMPLATE.docx
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                                    Realease of Contract and Earnest Money.docx
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                                    Release of Affidavit of Equitable Interest.docx
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                                    Closing Policies for Buyer.docx
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                                    Inspection sheet.pdf
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                                    Fair and Logical Cash Offer Sheet.pdf
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                                    Postcard - v10 - Offer 7 min.docx
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                                    Postcard v12 - Street View - Front.jpg
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                                    Postcard v12 - Street View - Back.jpg
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                                    NEW High Converting Postcard (1).pdf
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                                    Pre-foreclosure letter.pdf
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                                    Inherited Letter 1.pdf
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                                    Atty Probate Letter.docx
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                                    Delinquent Tax Letter.pptx
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                                    Simple We Buy Houses Letter.pdf
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                                    White Letter for driving for dollars.pdf
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                                    White letter.pptx
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                                    yellow letter.pdf
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                                    Motivated, Distressed Seller.pdf
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                                    Driving for Dollars yellow letter.pdf
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                                    We Buy Houses Craigs list ad.pptx
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